The Credit Union Future Leader Scholarship

For 2022, Alberta Central is excited to offer five Credit Union Future Leader Scholarships valued at $5,000 each. Our scholarship program is all about demonstrating our support for the Alberta credit union system.

Please be advised that for 2022 applications for the Credit Union Future Leader Scholarship are now closed. Please email to be put on the Scholarships mailing list for 2023.

Congratulations to the recipients of the 2022 Credit Union Future Leader Scholarship!

Mark Jantzen, Bow Valley Credit Union

Mark is studying to get his Master of Counselling from the City University of Seattle Canada. When asked what it means to him to be a Future Leader, he said:

The granting of this scholarship is very encouraging to me and provides a significant financial relief as I move towards practicum work and counselling people full time for months without pay. Thus, this vote of confidence grants me courage in facing the practical and financial constraints of the coming months, and confidence in completing my pursuit of higher education. What is perhaps more important though, is that in granting me this scholarship Alberta’s credit unions show that they agree with me on the important role of mental healthcare professionals. It says that acts of service and providing mental healthcare (and the community strengthening effects that has) are a valuable form of leadership in this province, alongside roles that are more commonly associated with leadership. That human-centered and value-driven perspective being expressed by these institutions is an encouraging sign for the health of Alberta’s communities in the future. I will do my best to live up to the hopes I expressed in my application, to be a leader in terms of approach within my field, and to actively work to strengthen Calgary Communities through my work and my future position. Thank you for your choice, and for all that it means.”

Jeslyn Ramsay, Servus Credit Union

Jeslyn is studying to get her Architectural Technologies Diploma from the SAIT. When asked what it means to her to be a Future Leader, she said:

I would like to thank Alberta Central for the opportunity to receive this award. As someone who must face the daily challenges that come with having a physical disability, this scholarship will greatly impact my family and I. Being a wheelchair user comes with many hardships and unexpected costs that have been put on my family’s shoulders ever since I was born. It feels good knowing that paying for my education will not be another immense cost for my parents to cover. Thank you for giving me the chance to continue through my educational journey and helping to guide my dream of becoming a home designer who specializes in accessibility design.”

Henry Phong, connectFirst Credit Union

Henry is studying to get his Bachelor of Science from the Schulich School of Engineering at the University of Calgary. When asked what it means to him to be a Future Leader, he said:

During my first year of university, I found working part time and being a full time student difficult. It was difficult for me to join extracurricular this year because I was also working a part-time job to help pay for my education. These funds allow me to give more focus to my education and time for different opportunities. Joining more extracurricular activities gives me a chance to gain different experiences and opportunities from what I would not be getting from my classes, like social skills and leadership qualities. I can achieve my post-secondary goals and become a future leader, because these funds give me less of a financial burden on the cost of my education. Which furthermore allows me to receive great opportunities. For me, a leader is someone that strives to achieve excellence in everything they do while also trying to make a difference in their community and the people around them. I strive to be a future leader like this, and by using these funds I will be able to obtain this goal. By having the support of my family and Alberta Central, I know that I will achieve all my academic and non-academic ambitions.

Evan Skrukwa, connectFirst Credit Union

Evan is studying to get his Bachelor of Computer Science from the University of Toronto. When asked what it means to him to be a Future Leader, he shared short video, linked below.

Daniel Veldkamp, Christian Credit Union

Daniel is studying to get his Bachelor of Science with a specialization in Chemistry from the University of Alberta. When asked what it means to him to be a Future Leader, he said:

Leadership means serving and inspiring the community around you and thinking of others over yourself. It is not always about getting praise and glory for your actions, but rather, setting an example and encouraging others to grow into leaders themselves, namely, Future Leaders. I have had many opportunities and role models that have taught me how and what it means to be a leader which has set me up as a Future Leader in both my community and the world. I hope to be able to do the same for those around me in my future endeavours. I am incredibly thankful to have been chosen as a recipient of the Credit Union Future Leadership Scholarship and plan to put these funds towards my post-secondary education. This financial aid will be beneficial to my post-secondary schooling as it reduces the stress of tuition payments and also provides me with an opportunity to give back to my community.”

There is also one scholarship, the Alberta Central Future Leader Scholarship, awarded to the child of an Alberta Central or CUPS Payment Services employee.

Peyton Smith, CUPS Payment Services

Congratulations to Peyton Smith, who is studying to get her Commerce degree with a focus in Marketing from the University of Calgary. When asked what it means to her to be a future leader, she said:

“My name is Peyton, and I am a business student at the University of Calgary, and financial burdens are one of the most daunting challenges I face daily. With tuition fees higher than I ever thought they would be in Canada, combined with the worsening cost of living, I am not alone in facing this adversity. Throughout the year, I work a part-time job in order to be able to afford to pay for my university tuition. These funds will give me the opportunity to focus on my studies and allow me to excel in my degree by taking care of a large portion of my financial responsibility. To me, being a Future Leader means seizing every opportunity given to you, taking responsibility for yourself, and guiding yourself as well as the people who are around you. It also means understanding that not everything will work out the way that you expected it to, you must learn to roll with the punches and accept whatever challenges will come your way. Put yourself in the drivers seat of your own life and allow yourself to navigate the challenges you face instead of being restrained by the beliefs that others may have.”

The Credit Union Future Leader Scholarship 

2022 Scholarship Overview

The Credit Union Future Leader Scholarship is open to children of Alberta credit union employees or Board Directors entering any year of study at a post-secondary institution, including undergraduate and post-graduate degrees.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why does Alberta Central provide scholarships?
    • We believe in supporting our member credit unions. By providing scholarships to children of Alberta credit union employees and Board Directors, we are helping to build future leaders and deepen understanding of the credit union system.
  • Who is eligible for the Credit Union Future Leader Scholarship?
    • Any child of a Alberta credit union employee or Board Director entering any year of a post-secondary degree, diploma or certificate program is welcome to apply.
  • What are the application requirements for the Credit Union Future Leader Scholarship?
    • Complete the application form linked below.
    • Submit proof of acceptance to a post-secondary institution.
    • Complete and submit an essay on leadership (specific topic outlined below).
    • Submit a reference letter from a community member or mentor (not a family member).

Important Dates

  • Applications open: June 29, 2022
  • Application deadline (including submission of all required documents): August 31, 2022
  • Notification sent to successful recipients: September 30, 2022
  • Distribution of funds: no later than October 31, 2022

Conditions of Acceptance

Successful recipients of any Alberta Central Scholarship will be required to submit a photo and brief response as to what it means to receive the scholarship that will be shared on Alberta Central’s internal/external digital properties and social media channels. Successful recipients will also be required to provide their Social Insurance Number and consent to the disclosure of personal information to Alberta Central in order to be granted funds.

How to apply

  1. Complete the application form.
  2. Submit proof of acceptance, reference letter and answers to the essay questions outlined below to by August 31, 2022.

Scholarship Essay:

The Credit Union Future Leader Scholarship Essay has two components that must be addressed, as outlined below. Essay’s must be at least 500 words and no more than 2,000 words.

Essay questions:

  1. Explain what your goal is with your area of post-secondary studies, what you hope to learn or achieve and why you think you will be successful; and
  2. Credit unions are financial cooperatives that operate based on the values of self-help, self-responsibility, democracy, equality, equity and solidarity.
    Give an example of when you have personally demonstrated self-responsibility either in school, at home or in your community. Did taking responsibility for yourself make you a better leader or teach you something about leadership? 


Applications will be reviewed and scored using the following criteria:

  • Applicant has completed all elements of the application and submitted all required materials on time and in full.
  • Applicant has demonstrated thought and attention to their goals for post-secondary and has considered what it means to be successful or what they want to achieve in their studies.
  • The applicant consistently demonstrates outstanding leadership and self-responsibility, showcased through examples. They have explained what it means to them to be a leader and why taking responsibility for themselves is important.
  • Applicant is committed to self-responsibility and leadership at home and/or school and consistently acts in a fashion that demonstrates this. In their essay and reference letter specific examples have been provided of what self-responsibility taught them about leadership or how it enhanced their leadership skills.