What is a credit union?

Credit unions are people-focused organizations that offer the same products and services as other financial institutions. But instead of being just another customer, with a credit union, you’re a member…
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Who is Alberta Central?

Alberta Central is the central banking facility, service bureau and trade association for Alberta’s credit unions. Our innovative products and services, thought leadership and advocacy on priority issues advance the…
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What documents are required to validate my business?

When submitting your application, please be prepared to demonstrate proof of business ownership including but not limited to valid government issued identification, business license or corporation number and previous income…
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Is the grant taxable?

Yes, in accordance with the Government of Canada, the grant is considered a source of income and must be claimed. Please consult with your financial manager for more information.
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What information do I need to apply?

In addition to basic business information (name, email, website, social media handles and business license or corporation number), you must answer a series of questions related to your business. This…
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