Alberta Central to launch Meet You #IRL (In Real Life) Campaign demonstrating the benefits of banking with a credit union
Raising awareness of why credit unions are a compelling alternative for Albertans at any stage of life

CALGARY, AB (June 17, 2019) – Alberta Central, the central banking facility, service bureau and trade association for Alberta’s credit unions, will launch its inaugural Meet You #IRL (In Real Life) campaign in summer 2019. Through a fresh and creative approach, the campaign will focus on bringing awareness to Albertans about credit unions and the benefits that becoming a member brings.

“We want to build awareness of what credit unions are, what they do and how they are different than traditional banks,” said Ian Burns, CEO, Alberta Central. “We are excited to launch this campaign and show Albertans – who are at any stage of life – why credit unions are a compelling banking alternative. Through this campaign, we want to break the misconceptions people have about credit unions being old school, unstable or behind the times when we in fact, have been innovating the banking sector for decades.”

Like banks, credit unions are financial institutions that offer a variety of products and services, from savings and chequing accounts, to mortgages, loans and investments. The big difference is that the credit union business model was built for people and not for profits. When you join a credit union you become more than a member, you become and owner. Credit unions are governed by their members and committed to serving them and their communities. Members get to vote on a range of issues, including how their credit union reinvests capital into their community, and also receive a share of their credit union’s profits. In 2017, $79.8 million was shared back with members through patronage and share dividends.

Alberta Central’s Meet You #IRL campaign will demonstrate that whether going to college, starting a business or gearing down for retirement, Alberta credit unions are there for you at every stage of life. To engage a younger demographic, the hashtag and tagline #IRL (in real life) will be integrated into the campaign, highlighting that credit unions support real people in real communities as they achieve real life goals. Through tactics including community activations, sponsor partnerships, media outreach and influencer engagement, Alberta Central aims to generate awareness of the often-misunderstood credit union system.

This is more important than ever because satisfaction with big banks declined slightly amongst a younger demographic, according to the J.D. Power 2019 Canada Retail Banking Satisfaction Study, with younger customers three times more likely to switch banks than older customers. Alberta Central’s campaign is built around informing this demographic that credit unions provide secure affordable, quality financial services.

“Alberta credit unions are viable, secure and innovative financial institutions,” said Burns. “Albertans work hard for their money and credit unions work hard for Albertans. Credit unions believe customers deserve more out of life, which is why people actually receive more in return from credit unions than they do from traditional banks.”

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About Alberta Central

Alberta Central’s purpose is to champion change for Alberta’s credit union system and bring value and expertise to its members. Through innovative products and services, thought leadership, and advocating on priority issues, Alberta Central helps advance the collective voice of the credit union system with key stakeholders including government and works to increase awareness of the credit union difference with the public.

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