In several recent stories from the Financial Post, Chief Economist Charles St-Arnaud has been featured.

He was quoted discussing how the recent increase in insolvencies may indicate that more Canadians are struggling with debt loads:

While the number of bankruptcies remained mostly unchanged from a year ago, proposals “have increased sharply in recent months,” according to a note from Charles St-Arnaud, chief economist at Alberta Central. Proposals have risen above pre-pandemic levels nationally but also in the provinces of Saskatchewan, Alberta, Manitoba, B.C. and Ontario, St-Arnaud said.

“This situation suggests a rise in households struggling with their debt load as the Bank of Canada continues raising interest rates,” the Calgary-based economist said.

He was also quoted in the Financial Post speaking about inflation and what to expect from the Bank of Canada at their December meeting and was featured in a recent article in the National Post also speaking about inflation and recent trends that have emerged.

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