In several recent interviews, Alberta Central’s Chief Economist Charles St-Arnaud spoke about what rising insolvency rates could mean for the economy and on interest rates.

He noted that it is yet to be determined if the insolvency increases are a new trend or simply a return to pre-COVID levels.

“It is not clear whether insolvencies are catching up after some weakness … or whether this is a new trend of accelerated increase in insolvencies,” he told CBC.

He has also been interviewed recently on what we expect to see from the Bank of Canada for the rest of 2023. Several online news outlets quote his recent report on inflation that states:

Today’s decision supports our view that the Bank of Canada is likely done with its tightening. As such, we believe that interest rates will stay on hold until at least the end of 2023, as we believe that inflation has likely peaked.”

St-Arnaud has been featured heavily in local, national and international news in recent weeks, sharing insights about the economy on behalf of the credit union system and showcasing the expertise and thought leadership of credit unions.

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