We provide payment services to meet your needs.

Automated funds transfer and electronic bill payments are easy with wire transfers, deposits and refunds managed by our electronic payments team. Using transaction-imaging technology, we also deposit, clear and settle paper stream payments.

We offer best-in-class statement services.

If you are in need of statement services, we have your back, printing and delivering financial statements for clients.

We support our credit unions.

Our operations help desk assists with everything from payment processing to investigations to payment services as a friendly and helpful resource.

We are lending and liquidity management leaders.

Overseeing a pool of deposits, we help credit unions meet their cash and liquidity needs. In addition, we advise on lending matters, offer loan syndication, and provide foreign exchange services and investment products.

We help mitigate risk and promote compliance.

By assisting credit unions in preparing for the unexpected – from providing fraud and cybersecurity education to risk management tools to audit services – and by working with them to manage compliance and regulatory issues, we help credit unions reduce risk.

We support our credit unions as advocates and thought leaders.

Working closely with government, we aim to increase awareness of system issues. Credit unions also have access to our market intelligence and research, strategic planning services and our economic analysis of system issues to support their decision-making.

We are increasing credit union awareness as system partners.

A trusted source of industry information, we believe in the credit union difference and partner with credit unions to share our story.

We help our credit unions meet their procurement needs.

Our purchasing team sources and customizes supplies for all credit union operational and promotional needs.